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Official Win List & Info

Feudal Association, April 2015 - 10th Anniversary!

Been some term, jeez, lol.
Term ran sweet, was all the BG and RL stuff that rather sucked >.>

Anyways... here be the Official Win List for the April 2015 Term.

All Awards are posted at our Photobucket Acct.
And would like to give a huge Thanks to jojo-kun for the Award Art!

Links to the Awards:

Fiction Awards:

Art Awards:
Official Win List ...
Feudal Association, April 2015 - 10th Anniversary
Congrats to all winners!

@@@@@  FAN-FICTION @@@@@

Best “In-Character” Fiction
1st - Loyalty Tested by Griddlebone Character: Sango
2nd - Where the West Wind Blows
        by Evil-Sama Character Kagome

Best Angst Fiction
1st - Memories of You by Kmoaton
2nd - Beside You in Time by RosieB

Best AU/AR Fiction
1st - Uncontrollable by Kinky-Hoe
2nd - At First Sight by inufan625/auraxoxo
3rd - The Impossible Possibilities of Love
              by 3lue 3utterfly
3rd - Untitled by HugglesXKitten

Best Drama Fiction
1st - The Unquiet Winds by Pa
2nd - Heart's Landfill by Simonkai of Inuy
2nd - Of Consequences and Redemption by Strawberry Grasshopper
3rd - Beside You in Time by RosieB

Best Ficlet
1st - The Demon Market by Ginnemiko
1st - To Bind Her by Paynesgrey

Best Humorous Fiction
1st - Filial Piety by Tsuki no Tennyo (108am)

Best InuYasha & Kagome
  Romance Fiction
1st - Blackout by King Baka
1st - The Color of Hope by Neisha
2nd - Wild Honey by Neisha
2nd - Answered Prayers by auraxoxo

Best Lemon
1st - Wicked Verse by DaiyoukaiGeisha
1st - Philter by Starzki

Best Oneshot Fiction
1st - He Just Wouldn’t Stop
          by ArtisteFish
1st - What the Heart Wants
            by sarhea

Best Romance Fiction
1st - Philter by Starzki
1st - The HimeTradition
by Sesshoumaru’s Secret Admirer
2nd - The Hunter by Langus

Best Yaoi/Yuri Fiction
1st - Fetish by SplendentGoddess

@@@@@  FAN-ART   @@@@@

Best AU/AR Artwork
1st - The Clingy One by nonidipriv
2nd - Inuyasha – Kikyou and Naraku by Pangurbann
2nd - School Days – Coloured by QueenOfTheCute(artist)/Shinsei-Kokoro(colorist)

Best Character Portrait
1st - Lord Sesshoumaru’s Mother by eeddey
2nd - Kikyo by Gabrielleandhita
3rd - Yura the Hair Demon by Litteria

Best Dark Artwork
1st - Inu yasha Commission by Xong
2nd - Purifying Flames by Midorisa
3rd - Blood hunt by  ALM82

Best Group Depiction
1st - Modern men of Inuyasha HumanVersion by Jenkeo
2nd - 3p by bianbianhuagfang
2nd - Inu Yasha Group by just-milk

Best Heterosexual Artwork
1st - At the Climax by Blood-runs -thick
2nd - OniKik – Forbidden encounter by Nolven
2nd - Stealing a Kiss by Ambereyedinu

Best Humorous Artwork
1st - Fluffy by Miria696
2nd  Mom hugs by shakespearemelody

Best InuYasha & Kagome Romantic Artwork
1st - Inuyasha and Kagome 8D by tenchufreak
1st - Itsumo by Yutaan
2nd - IY: Returning into the Past by kagome-inuyashkina

Best Kiss Artwork
1st - SessKag : Kiss by Ebony-of-the-Moon
2nd - This Kiss by br3nna

Best Overall Artwork
1st - Commission – Inu no Taisho and Izayoi by Cati-Art
2nd - Inu yasha commission by Xong
2nd - Red Mountain by MoonofYomi

Best Romance Artwork
1st - Inu no Taisho and Izayoi by Fanasy
2nd - Your Flaws Make You Beautiful by Hanyou-no-miko

Best Yaoi/Yuri Artwork
1st - Naraku-Yukata-anniversary by Sesshomaruuke122
2nd - Please… stay by KadajSpira
2nd - Kikyou and Kagome by girlofinuyasha

Tie-Breaker Polls

The tie breaker polls for Best Drama Fiction and

Best AU/AR Fiction are up until May 31.


Polls Closed!

Polls are now closed.

Winners list will be posted when all votes are tallied.

Thank You again for your continued support!

Inuyashaloverr ^.~

Polls Up!

Polls are up for this term and will be until May 11. Please note that Best Humorous Fiction and Best Yaoi/Yuri Fiction each only had one nomination.


Best Humorous Fiction

Filial Piety by Tsuki no Tennyo (108am)

Best Yaoi/Yuri Fiction

Fetish by SplendentGoddess

The time has passed

The nominations for the April 2015 Feudal Association are now closed. All nominations received will be screened and posted to our website shortly. Once all nominations have been screened our polls for voting will be opened for two weeks.

Thank you again for your continued support.

The FA Mods

Last Few Hours...

Friendly reminder that today is the day!!!

The nominations for the April term of the Feudal Association will close tonight at 11:59pm, Eastern Time. Please show your support for your favorite authors and artists by submitting your nomination.

And we Thank You for your continued support,

The FA Mods

Open For Business!

Just a friendly reminder that the nominations for the April Feudal Association Awards 2015 are currently open. Please show the love to the wonderful authors and artists of the Inuyasha fandom. Nominations close on April 15th at 1159p Eastern Time.

Thank you for your continued support,

The FA Mods

New Term and 10th Anniversary!

We are pleased to announce the Feudal Association's 10th anniversary!! It's been a long 10 years with lots of awesome artwork and fiction to be seen and shared. With that said, we are pleased to announce the opening of the April 2015 Feudal Association nominations!!! They go from Midnight Eastern time, April 1st, to 1159pm Eastern time on April 15th. Please support your favorite authors and artists. We greatly appreciate your continued support!

The FA Mods!


Merry Christmas everyone . ;)

Hope your day is what you want it to be. Please cherish and love one another, and by all means remember the loved ones that are no longer with us. <3

Happy Holidays, y'all!

Debra ^.~


Congratulations to all the nominees of the October 2014 term of the Feudal Association. Drumroll please... and the winners are:


Best “In-Character” Fiction

1st-Malice by kanna37*
Character: Inuyasha

1st-Unforeseen by Maddie-san*
Character: Koga

Best Angst Fiction

2nd-Dark Side of the Moon by InuLover53*
1st-Embrace the Silence by Trouble in Shangrila*
1st-Firangi by Maddie-san*

Best AU/AR Fiction

1st-Quod Si Amor Vincit Omnia by lyrainthedark*
1st-Smooth as Silk by RuuRuu-Chan*
2nd-The Sweet Science by RosieB*

Best Drama Fiction

1st-Second Alliance by ImaniJoain*
2nd-Sennensou no Mi by velvet-sometimes*
1st-Unforeseen by Maddie-san*

Best Ficlet

2nd-A distant echo by  iloveprettysilverhair*
1st-Shards of Time by ginnemiko*
2nd-True Love’s Folly by auraxoxo*

Best Humorous Fiction

1st-Happy Ending Delayed: A Fairy Tale by Namiyo11*
2nd-Keeping Company with a Stranger by velvet-sometimes*
3rd-Welcome to Dokuga Inc. by Quiet Whisper*

Best InuYasha/Kagome Romance Fiction

1st-A Tale of Ever After by knittingknots*
1st-Dissident Hope by inufan625*

Best Lemon

1st-After the End: New Beginnings by SplendentGoddess*
Location:  All of Chapter 20

3rd-Bound by Corruption by BelovedStranger*
Lemon Scene: Chapter 21. To Be Selfish Start about 1/4 down with… ““It’s not fair,” she muttered, looking away.” … and just go to the end of the chapter.

2nd-Dark Side of the Moon by InuLover53*
Location: Chapter 16 1/3 way down- “He had waited his entire life…” to basically the end of the chapter.

Best Oneshot Fiction

1st-How to Tame a Dog Demon by Ai Kisugi*
2nd-In Good Hands by  inufan625*
2nd-Tamed by InuLover53*

Best Romance Fiction

1st-Lord Charming by Forthright*
2nd-The Castle of Edo by Angrlrock*
2nd-Unforeseen by Maddie-san*

Best Yaoi/Yuri Fiction

1st InuSess – Remember to Forget by F4I*


Best AU/AR Artwork

1st-Meeting Again and Waiting for You by AbioticFactor*
1st-SessKag – Back2Back by FoxOfTwilight*

Best Character Portrait

1st-Inuyasha-Naraku by Etrilya*
1st-Waiting for You by xPrincessSakurax*

Best Dark Artwork

1st-Inu-Black-Tetsusiga-activate by Xong*

Best Group Depiction

1st-The Family of Inu Daiyoukai by josephinekazuki*
1st-The Wedding by Noble-Maiden*

Best Heterosexual Artwork

1st-Hungry Like the Wolf by JessDeaton*
2nd-Kouga x Kagome by whispered-dream*

Best Humorous Artwork

2nd-It’s worth it by Animaker131*
1st-Vrrruuummmm by lila-me*

Best InuYasha/Kagome Romantic Artwork

1st-Can’t Take It In– Colored by KrisCynical*
1st-IY: Two hearts and two souls by Kagome-Inuyashkina*

Best Kiss Artwork

1st-Inu-Kag Drunkern Kiss by ebjeebies*
2nd-Stuck 2.0.1, Please Full View by nillia*

Best Overall Artwork

2nd-A Mystical Night by MoonofYomi*
1st-memories by xong*

Best Romance Artwork

2nd-Before Leaving by linxchan91*
1st-Commission~A Mystical Night by MoonOfYomi*

Best Yaoi/Yuri Artwork

1st http://ruuruu-chan.deviantart.com/art/Sinful-Kiss-315549460 by RuuRuu-Chan*

Thank you for your continued support of the awesome authors and artists.

The FA Mods